About us

PAPOOSE Play Furniture is the brain child of Judi from Kee Wee Tubarama. Disappointed after constantly seeing so many plastic toys ending up in landfills, she decided to introduce another product line to their current business.

With the motivation and passion for providing high quality handmade products using New Zealand sustainable timbers, so began the journey of Papoose.

These products would stand the test of time; be handed down through the generations with pride. With a focus on being more environmentally aware, it meant the products needed to be carefully constructed for safety, durability and affordability.

The Papoose range on display at a recent craft market

So began the focus to develop a range of brightly coloured play furniture that would provide children with enjoyment as they learn and share with others, and give parents the knowledge that their purchase would endure.

Children love to imagine and communicate and share with others; our play furniture gives them that opportunity. These can be made to suit one or more children and even Mum and Dad can join in.

PAPOOSE Play Furniture is accessible through the website for online contact and through Craft Markets, A & P Shows for those who prefer the personal contact and service.

About our furniture

All cribs and cots come standard with Mattress Pillow and Duvet.

Materials and colours will vary from website pictures.

All our wooden toys are made from quality materials and painted to the colour of your choice, subject to availability.

Can be purchased unpainted.

School community kindy or daycare looking to raise funds?

We are just a phone call away

If available happy to buy a space and display our products.