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The History behind the product

Bill, a truck driver for many years, started making pots and planters for friends and seeing how they were well received, he began making them for garden centres and selling them on the internet under the Kee Wee Tubarama logo. Bill makes each piece using New Zealand pine because it's a sustainable resource and paints them in a rainbow of bright colours.

Judi, who comes from a background in finance, loves craftwork and enjoys putting the finishing touches on each piece, sewing all the mattresses, duvets, pillows and seats. The result is a unique handmade creation promising hours of enjoyment.

New Zealand madeThe first of the wooden toys made, was a project for a good friend's autistic child who responded really well to the cot they made.
It has now blossomed into a full time business for Bill and Judi.

A development course with Ochre Business Solutions in 2011 taught Judi they were right to pursue what she and Bill are good at doing and really enjoy, and these two really do have a passion for their toys.

Judi and Bill's business is called Papoose and reflects their commitment to making quality children's toys.

The word Papoose is a Native North American Tribe's term of endearment for a child or baby.

Bill and Judi are creating toys that children love. They are currently working on prototypes to expand the boys' range to include trucks, garages and workbenches.

These toys are treasures and have been built to last, and many will eventually be stored away for future generations; such is the attachment children have with their favourite play things.

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